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About Indian League Fantasy

Indian League Fantasy is an online fantasy game where you can create your own cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming match. The objective in fantasy league cricket is to score as many points as possible and achieve a win position on the rankings board on the fantasy cricket app.

How it works

Select a Match

You need to choose upcoming matches / Fixtures to play with.

Choose Your Contest

You can choose your multiple contests to join.

Contest Fee

You need to pay contest fee to join any paid contest.

Select Team 11

You need to select your 11 team players based on your skill, you can select only 7 players from one team within 100 credit points.

Select Captain and Vice-Captain

Select your Captain and Vice-Captain to get 2x points for Captain and 1.5x points Vice-captain.

Team Preview

After selecting your players strategically and based on your skill, you can preview your team.

Review your Rank

Once match gets started, you can see you ranking based on your selected players.

Winning Withdrawal Request

After match ends, you will see result in result panel and can request for winning amount withdrawal.






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Frequently asked quetions

Fantasy Sport is a game of skill where the users can make their playing 11 for the upcoming matches, and if your team performs well, you can win real money. Here, you make a team of 11 players from a total of 22-30 players, and the basis of creating your fantasy team depends upon your understanding about those players.
Indians are completely fanatic about cricket. Cricket is in their soul. It's not only a game, rather its an emotion. The 2019 estimation of the fantasy game users in India showed a projection of around $5billion.
It’s a very easy process. To set up your dream team follow these simple steps:
1. Choose a match from the dashboard that interests you.
2. Select the good players and create a team of 11 players.
3. Select a good captain and vice-captain.
4. Enter the contest by choosing the offers
5. Follow the live match and track your progress.
Online fantasy cricket in India is a safe, secure, and completely legal game. The playing procedure of fantasy sports doesn’t match that of the provisions laid under the Public Gambling Act 1867. Hence, it is a “mere game of skill” and not a gambling act. Hence it is completely legitimate. Article 19 (1) of the Constitution of India has declared the same to be legal and safe. It is 100% legal in India. Enjoy a hassle-free sporting.